Vacuum generator vacuum suction cup connection and vacuum line diagram

- Sep 17, 2019-

Vacuum suction cup: according to the size, material and weight of the product to be sucked

1. General surface smoothing and smoothing products can be selected with ordinary rubber suction cups

2. Thinner products can be used with special thin suction cups

3. The product with curved surface selects the organ sucker

4. The bump is not flat and the sponge sucker is used.

5. The pole can be selected according to the actual situation.

Vacuum generator: according to the number of machines used, the number of suction cups used, product material selection

1. Single-stage vacuum generator---simple installation, high gas consumption, few vacuum generators on site, sufficient compressed air

2. Multi-stage vacuum generator - easy to install, large vacuum flow, can save compressed air. It is recommended to use multiple stages when multiple machines are on site, and if a large number of vacuum generators are used, or when semi-breathing products are taken.

3.Integrated vacuum generator---collecting vacuum generator, supply, destruction valve, pressure gauge, filter integrated, greatly shortening the vacuum pipeline, can be applied to equipment that requires quick release of vacuum in loading and unloading

4. The size of the suction cup, the number of suction cups also affects the selection of the vacuum generator. The suction cup is large and the number is large. It is recommended to use a large flow vacuum generator to ensure safety and stability in practical applications.

The electromagnetic valve:

1. At the front end of the vacuum generator, use a common solenoid valve.

2. In the vacuum line, use a vacuum solenoid valve


1. The air supply port of the vacuum generator P is larger than the vacuum port V.

2. The shorter the pipeline in vacuum, the better.

3. In vacuum, the trachea is generally 8mm

Vacuum filter:

If the environment is dusty, it is recommended to use a vacuum filter to maximize the service life of the vacuum generator.


The overall picture is shown below. Note that in the vacuum line, the shorter the pipe, the better, to ensure that the vacuum is used.