Vacuum grabbing with a sponge pad or suction cup

- Aug 01, 2019-

The new suction cup configuration option is the category of vacuum fixtures.

Vacuum clamps can be extended to a variety of suction cups instead of simply using standard technical sponge pad options. The current popular vacuum clamp can be configured with flexible and durable suction cup series.

“This new suction cup option for vacuum grips will help our customers better handle certain materials or items that are particularly difficult to grip. It is designed to replace the sponge grips that are widely used in standard models and to extend the vacuum. The scope of application of the fixture.

The suction cup fixture design uses gas-driven technology to efficiently create a vacuum environment for safe clamping, lifting and handling of objects, enabling them to focus on the packaging and furniture industries. The standard model features an easy-to-replace foam pad that allows for molding around the object, providing a powerful grip regardless of the shape or size of the entire object. FDA-certified sponge liners are available and the number of vacuum holes and sponge thickness can be varied to suit different applications.

“Suckers with suction cups offer a unique technical advantage when the surface of the object may be wet or greasy. The suction cups are better able to withstand the many challenges posed by the presence of water and oil. Under such conditions, even Sponge materials are not as flexible, and suction cups also increase their durability while also lasting longer.

Suction cups are excellent value for money in standard/basic applications and their performance is excellent. Elliptical flat suction cups, corrugated suction cups and rectangular corrugated suction cups, as well as a wide lip with good sealing properties for pleated surfaces (corrugated cardboard), are delivered on a global scale.

The suction cup combines a rugged corrugated body with a soft, tough lip. Made of specially developed materials, it combines the elasticity of rubber with the abrasion resistance of polyurethane. It is especially suitable for a variety of uneven and porous surfaces.