Vacuum Gripper System Power Booster Automated Packaging System

- Mar 06, 2019-

For the pharmaceutical industry, vertical box packing has always been a problem. Because the width of the carton is relatively narrow, the minimum width of the carton is less than 25mm. Conventional sponge suction cups do not match well when grasping, which will lead to sponge suction cups. Some holes cannot be fully touched to the paper tray. And because of the softness of the sponge, the carton easily expands outward. We ultimately recommend that customers use traditional rubber suction cups with mechanical grips to achieve the best grip.

In this project, we abandoned the traditional suction cup with a self-closing valve or a throttle valve, because if there is a suction cup that is not sucked into the paper box during the grasping process, the leakage of the paper box can be detected due to the significant decrease in the degree of vacuum, thereby The visual inspection or the rear weighing detection is omitted, which greatly saves the cost of the customer.

In the gripping procedure, we recommend the order of vacuum clamping after mechanical clamping, so that the mechanical clamping is used to make the carton and the carton tighter, although the size of the carton after clamping will be wrong. However, even if some of the suction cups are adsorbed in the middle of the carton, a high degree of vacuum can be maintained. In the vacuum chamber, an innovative space-contracting module is utilized to greatly reduce the internal space, so that the required vacuum value can be quickly achieved by using a smaller vacuum generator, which greatly speeds up the packing speed. Throughout the implementation of the project, customers appreciate our professionalism, service and product quality!