Vacuum gripping system features

- Aug 21, 2019-

The vacuum gripping system is a large lifting robot device and a lifting device commonly used in the production line as well as a gripping device, and is widely used in various types of devices that require frequent grasping. Vacuum gripping systems use vacuum pressure to grab products or items, but what are the characteristics of this widely used vacuum gripping system?

First, high efficiency

The vacuum gripping system has a dedicated vacuum energy storage device, which is used to store a large amount of vacuum energy. When the vacuum gripping system receives the instruction to grab the item, the vacuum gripping system will quickly move to the position to be grabbed. Quickly touch the item to be grabbed above the item. The vacuum gripping system performs a combined operation with the article, and while the suction cup is in contact with the item to be grasped, the vacuum energy stored in the vacuum energy storage device is instantaneously released, and the suction cup and the object to be grasped at this time The air will be drained in an instant, creating a vacuum that creates a strong adsorption force, which is the gripping principle of the gripping system and a way of grabbing the item without damaging the item.

Second, high security

Since the vacuuming energy of the vacuum gripping system comes from the vacuum accumulator, the device should be able to maintain the adsorption force for a long time in the event of an abnormality in the vacuum gripping system, as long as the vacuum energy between the suction cup and the contacted article is The absorption force will not decrease after long-term storage. If there is a power outage, the vacuum gripping system can still maintain a strong fit between the suction cup and the gripping item, so even if this crisis situation is encountered, the item can be prevented from falling, and the vacuum gripping system is recognized. It is for this reason.

The new market quotation for the vacuum gripping system benefited from the fact that the vacuum gripping system was widely recognized by users on the market, and the market generally showed an upward trend. When purchasing the vacuum grab system, the purchaser can use the system to be very safe when using it, and at the same time, the speed of grabbing is fast to judge whether the system to be purchased meets its own procurement requirements.