Vacuum handling system in the field of industry

- Sep 04, 2019-

In the current vacuum industry, technology is changing with each passing day. As a supplier of vacuum handling systems, vacuum handling companies bring together the advantages of the industries involved, from small parts to large vacuum systems, providing professional solutions according to different needs of customers. Vacuum solution. At present, vacuum handling equipment mainly includes vacuum suction cups, vacuum handling systems and vacuum fixture systems, which are mainly used in packaging, sheet metal, automotive, chemical and wood.

For example, in the wood industry, before the vacuum system is applied, the handling of the wood board requires a lot of manpower, or the use of mechanical fixtures with complicated and expensive design, and it is difficult to carry the wood boards easily and safely. With the vacuum clamp system, it is easy to carry out by simply picking up a small portion of the material, even if the surface of the material is uneven or hollow, it is still free to absorb. Vacuum suction is easier and less convenient than mechanical handling, and it is not easy to damage materials, and the vacuum system is not as easy to malfunction as mechanical systems.

Prospects for the vacuum handling market are promising

With the revision of the Labor Law in China, the rights and interests of workers will be more and more important, which is a good opportunity for the future development of the Chinese market. In the future, the demand for labor will gradually decrease, and the concept of ergonomics will gradually deepen, and vacuum handling will gradually replace human handling.

Many of the workpieces in today's manufacturing companies are large-scale equipment, weighing hundreds of kilograms or even tons. Vacuum handling equipment can reduce manpower and avoid manual injury. At the same time, it can reduce the chance of damage to the product to ensure product quality. . In short, automation will replace manpower will be an inevitable trend.

Compared with the European level of automation, it will take at least a decade for China to catch up, but through the joint efforts of the Chinese government and manufacturers, this process will be shortened by 5 to 10 years. Compared with European companies, many industrial enterprises in China lack the strength to maintain long-term competitiveness. In Europe, many hundred-year-old enterprises are able to prosper in the market, mainly because of advanced enterprise management models and excellent products. Quality, this is where Chinese companies need to learn. It is believed that Chinese enterprises will face a reshuffle in the next two to three years. In addition, the revision of the Labor Law and the successive shortage of various energy sources have made Chinese enterprises face unprecedented challenges.

Message to the Chinese market

At present, looking at the development trend of vacuum handling in the Chinese market, there are two problems: First, the lack of industry standards for vacuum handling systems. Some products in Europe are very safety-oriented and are in line with European safety certification, which is safety first. In the European market, only certified products can be pushed into the market, and the Chinese market still has certain shortcomings in the formulation of safety standards, and has not reached full reunification. Some domestic companies have seriously neglected the damage caused to operators by improper product design. Second, China's protection of intellectual property rights needs to be deepened. This is one of the reasons why many European excellent products do not dare to enter the Chinese market.

If these two aspects cannot be taken seriously, the destructive power to the entire industry will be fatal. In this regard, the practice of foreign manufacturers in this respect is worthy of reference by Chinese companies: industry associations uniformly determine an industry standard, covering product quality, performance, safety and other aspects, so as to effectively regulate industry competition and create a good industry atmosphere.