Vacuum suction cup product technology

- Aug 10, 2019-

Suction cups are common in our lives, but we may not know much about vacuum cups. In fact, the vacuum suction cup, also known as the vacuum spreader, consists of a vacuum pump and a suction cup. It is one of the vacuum actuators, the most common component in vacuum systems, and the most widely used in industrial automation. Today, let's talk about how the vacuum suction cup is sucked firmly? What is the process of vacuum suction cup application?


How to vacuum the suction cup?

First of all, understand the working principle of the vacuum chuck hook. It can suck the wall when the suction cup is squeezed out, so that the air pressure inside the suction cup is much smaller than the outside air pressure, so there is a great external surface on the suction cup. The pressure presses the suction cup against the wall. If the surface of the wall is not smooth enough (dust, oil, stains, etc.), the outside air will pass through the suction cup.

The small joint at the joint with the wall is pressed into the inside of the suction cup, the internal air pressure is increased, and the external atmospheric pressure is constant, so that the internal and external air pressure difference is reduced, the pressure on the outer surface of the suction cup is reduced, and the suction cup is naturally easy to fall. Therefore, it is best to suck it on a smooth surface.

How can I get strong on the wall? First, wipe the surface to be cleaned, then pour some water on the top of the adsorbed surface, so that these small seams can be filled. Because of the tension on the surface of the water,

The pressure acting on the suction cup is not enough to overcome this tension, so that the air will not enter the inside of the suction cup through these small slits, forming a vacuum environment, which solves the problem that the suction cup is easy to fall off! What is the process of vacuum suction cup application?

Since the suction cup is made of rubber material, it needs to be replaced for a period of time, so the suction cup belongs to the wearing part of the vacuum system; in use, the surface of the suction cup contacts the surface of the workpiece to form a closed space, so that the suction cup The pressure difference is maintained inside and outside, which in turn serves the purpose of adsorbing and grasping the workpiece. The connection end of the suction cup is usually connected to a vacuum hose by a metal structure (metal fitting) and a hose in the vacuum system.

1. Classification of vacuum suction cups:

When we design and support the suction cup, we often need to consider the overall structure of the suction cup and the fitting. The suction cups are divided into fixed and spring type. The fittings are vertical and vertical. The suction cups are divided into flat suction cups, corrugated suction cups and some special suction cups.

2. The occurrence of vacuum in the vacuum chuck system

Two methods are commonly used to establish vacuum:

A, vacuum pump

B, vacuum generator

Under normal circumstances, if the number of vacuum chucks is not too large, the diameter of the suction cup is not very large, and it is economical to use a jet vacuum generator to generate a vacuum. Since the jet vacuum generator itself requires a general compressed air to generate a vacuum, no additional vacuum piping is required.

If the vacuum consumption is relatively large, such as a color picture tube manufacturer, it is more reasonable to use a vacuum pump.

3, the choice of vacuum accessories for vacuum suction cups

The most common method of vacuum generation for vacuum components is the jet vacuum generation method. The vacuum is generated in such a way that the vacuum generator or vacuum pump is selected according to the diameter and number of vacuum chucks. After the vacuum generation method is determined, the following essential components are required to form the vacuum chuck mechanism: vacuum suction cup + (vacuum switch + vacuum filter + vacuum generation + vacuum failure valve + true air pressure valve + vacuum cylinder)

In summary, the selection of vacuum suction cup accessories is a complete vacuum system, the suction cup can work normally for us in the project for 24 hours, and replace manual manual grabbing, especially in grabbing a certain These are the strengths of suction cups when they are corrosive and toxic.

The advantages of the vacuum chuck are very many. The vacuum chuck is particularly environmentally friendly, does not pollute the environment, and has no light, heat, electromagnetic, etc.; the vacuum chuck is made of rubber material, and the suction or lowering of the workpiece does not cause any damage to the workpiece; It has labor saving, energy saving, material saving, small impact, small vibration, low noise and high product precision. It has been widely used in many industrial sectors such as machinery, electrical appliances, instruments and hardware tools.