Vacuum switch - measuring range -1bar to 0 bar

- Jun 25, 2019-



Condition monitoring for vacuum systems

Optimize the work cycle, adjust the system playback, and improve the economic benefits of the vacuum system

Square design is more suitable for panel mounting

Suitable for all automated handling areas


Electronic vacuum switch, sturdy polycarbonate housing

Vacuum connection for G1/8" internal thread

3-digit quantity, membrane button can be adjusted

Built-in LED, showing the internal state of the switch

4-pin M8 socket for electrical connection

Small size and light weight

Key points:

Dual screen display

Three-color display function (red, green and orange)

Switch point and hysteresis independent programming, digital form output

End interface type optional


Display the current value and the reference value at the same time, and modify the reference value at any time.

Easy to master switch status to avoid misuse

Upper and lower limit values can be displayed on the screen

Can install small spaces

Technicial Paremeters:



Design Paremeters: