Vsmm series energy-saving integrated vacuum generator

- Mar 06, 2019-

Vsmm series energy-saving integrated vacuum generator. Integrated vacuum generator, energy saving, simple is the biggest feature of this vacuum generator.

   How to save energy for energy-saving vacuum generator: VSMM energy-saving vacuum generator adopts ESV energy-saving technology, mainly uses vacuum detection and solenoid valve. When the vacuum reaches a certain level, the solenoid valve starts, stop providing compressed air, if the vacuum is lower than the set vacuum The solenoid valve opens to compress air to increase the vacuum. Compared with the existing vacuum generator, the VSMM energy-saving vacuum generator can achieve energy saving of more than 15% compared to the fact that it cannot be shut off during the suction process.

   The delay function is also a major feature of the VSMM series vacuum generator. In the fast handling process, the VSMM directly controls the backflush through the delay function.