Warehousing and Logistics Equipment

- Apr 25, 2019-

Warehousing and Logistics Equipment

Packaging and handling of packaged products in the shortest working cycle

Complete series of suckers, providing different sizes, shapes and materials for handling various packaging products

Various series of vacuum generating devices to meet various process requirements

Large area vacuum fixture system, stacking and sorting of various packaging products

 image1.5 fold bellows suction cups which biggest diameter is 150mm

imageSHM pneumatic permanent magnet chuck

imageNSD nano gripper

imageNSD nano gripper used in TV production line

imageApplication of whole-layer portable vacuum suction system LPX in carton stacking

imageCustomized foam gripper for TV boxes

imagePowder pack unloading, stacking and handling gripper

imageFans with multiple foam grippers for handling

imageTPC foam gripper handle the tray

image Non-standard Profile gripper for Handling Toilet Ring Body

imageApplication of LPX in Graphite Pillar Hand Handling