What are EOAT, How to choose EOAT correctly?

- Sep 12, 2019-

EOAT is called End of Arm Tooling. The injection molding field accounts for a large proportion of the industry. It consists of injection molding machines, robots, and jigs. EOAT belongs to the actuator and is used at the end of the robot manipulator.

EOAT parts

Suction cup: The structure is relatively simple. You can find the corresponding product by selecting the type. For example, the food, car, fixture and paper in the picture below have different materials.

Standard fixture: The slide rails are designed with a sliding rather than a ball-type guide to ensure high precision and high strength.

Grip: In the scene that can't be sucked from the front, you can choose to use the grip from the side to draw, and stick the three claws from the cylinder to hold the workpiece. When the suction side of the product and the direction of movement of the robot are perpendicular, the suction cup is used to push the cylinder.

Auxiliary fixture: The product is relatively large, and the mold needs the assistance of special fixtures when the force is large when the mold is taken.

Expansion gas clamp: The expansion head of silica gel shrinks or expands under the movement of the cylinder, and the product is taken out by the support force to the outer diameter of the product.

Fine positioning device: The traditional way of setting the inlay is to use the positioning pin, which is characterized by the need for the fixture itself to have a high precision and to make a passive positioning. The Agg precision positioning device is actively positioned, and the corresponding components are installed on the mold and the jig. After the position is in place, the position of the jig is forcibly corrected.

Needle: Soft materials such as cloth cannot be sucked by the suction cup or clamped with the jaws. The use of the needle can be effectively solved.

Selection principle

1. The punch manipulator can not reach the speed required by the molding cycle.

2. Is there enough air/vacuum circuit and current input and output on the robot so that it can be connected to the end tool of the robot arm.

3. Changing the temperature of the material not only makes the release of the product easier, but also reduces the chance of deformation or deformation of the surface of the product after demolding.

4. In the design of the appearance of the product, it is easier to demold by adding a small chamfer.

5. In order to avoid unnecessary spots on the product, proper correction of the mold should be considered to make the product more convenient to be removed.