What are the main technical problems facing industrial robots at present?

- Oct 20, 2019-

For the development of the teaching user interface that is currently used in industrial robots, the development of the automatic programming system for robot three-dimensional trajectory requires a certain fusion of various aspects of knowledge, and within a certain new range. Do some experiments, as a way of offline programming, there are several problems in reality.

The extraction of motion trajectory data, because G code is a standard applied to CNC machine tools, and there are many differences between robot system and CNC machining system, so it is necessary to design calculation method to convert the data information provided in G code into robot motion. The programming information available for the instruction.

Motion trajectory simulation, in order to achieve the optimization of the machining attitude and even the machining path, as well as the preset of the interference collision, it is necessary to simulate the machining process. Since it is difficult to provide sufficient data for the attitude in the G code, it is necessary to perform NC machining. In-depth research on systems, robots, computer systems, and graphics processing, and bold attempts, the workload is huge.

Communication between the host computer and the robot controller, the communication module is not necessary for an automatic programming system, but for the convenience of use and the development trend of the software, it is necessary to increase the communication module, and it is also forward-looking, for the host computer and The communication mode between the robot controllers is compared with the traditional serial port RS232 communication and parallel port communication. With the advancement of technology, these traditional communication methods have been unable to meet the purpose of transmission speed and remote control....