What is an electromagnetic chuck?

- Oct 10, 2019-

The electromagnetic chuck is a kind of electromagnetic principle. The magnetic force is generated by energizing the inner coil, and the workpiece contacting the surface of the panel is tightly sucked through the magnetic conductive panel. When the coil is powered off, the magnetic force disappears to realize demagnetization, and the principle of removing the workpiece is adopted. And a machine tool accessory product produced.

The main applications are: grinding, FYMC series electromagnetic grinding machine, gantry milling machine, gantry planer and other iron workpiece processing workpiece fixing.

The electromagnetic chuck consists of a bottom case, a core, a coil, a panel, and a junction box. The manufacturing process is as follows:

1. Select the right material for welding or casting the bottom shell

2. Mount the iron core on the bottom shell according to the type of different suction cups.

3. Winding the coil corresponding to the number of turns and technical parameters, and drying it on the iron core

4, the bottom of the bottom shell is poured asphalt or other waterproof material

5, making a panel, installed with the bottom shell part

The electromagnetic chuck is powered by DC, which has the characteristics of stability, strong suction and small residual magnetism.

Electromagnetic chucks can be divided into ordinary suction cups and powerful suction cups according to different classifications. Common suction cup suction force is 10-12 kg per square centimeter, strong electromagnetic suction cup is not less than 14 kg per square centimeter. According to the use, it can be divided into electromagnetic suction cup for grinding machine and milling machine. Electromagnetic chuck for planer, electromagnetic chuck for grinding machine, etc.


Rectangular electromagnetic chuck is a magnetic workbench for surface grinder or milling machine, which is used to adsorb various kinds of magnetic conductive workpieces to realize the positioning and grinding of workpieces. This series of suction cups has uniform suction force, reliable positioning and convenient operation. It can be directly mounted on a surface grinder or milling machine. It is an ideal magnetic clamp.

  Instructions for use

Rectangular electromagnetic chucks have lifting screw holes on both sides. They can be hoisted by screwing in T-shaped screws during installation. They are fixed on the table with T-blocks and screws, turn on the DC power and ground wire on the machine, and then put the suction cup on the plane. Finely grind once to ensure the parallelism of the upper plane to the bottom surface.

When the workpiece is adsorbed, as long as the adjacent two magnetic poles are overlapped, sufficient positioning suction can be obtained, and the grinding process can be performed.

Through the machine button, the magnetic and demagnetization of the workpiece can be achieved.


The suction cup should not be bumped in order to avoid damage to the precision. When it is idle, it should be wiped clean and coated with anti-rust oil.

The suction cup housing should be grounded to avoid leakage and injury.

Electromagnetic chuck implementation standard: JB/T 10577-2006 Electromagnetic chuck.


1. Ordinary rectangular electric disk Uses: Moment table surface grinder

2. Powerful electromagnetic suction cup Uses: Milling machine Planing machine processing center

3. Extreme Electromagnetic Suction Cup Application: Moment table surface grinder Milling machine

4. Multi-function powerful electromagnetic chuck Use: Moment table surface grinder

5. Special electromagnetic suction cup for sharpening knife Use: Grinding knife

6. Round electromagnetic chuck (concentric circle) Use: Round table surface grinder

7. Round electromagnetic chuck (radiation pole type) Use: round table surface grinder

8. Round electromagnetic chuck (Plum blossom pole type) Uses: Round table surface grinder



With the continuous development of China's industry, electromagnetic chucks are used more and more widely in industrial production, but do you know how to buy electromagnetic chucks, and what are the precautions for electromagnetic chucks in the purchase?

One: First of all, the principle of proximity, if there are good well-known enterprises in the province or the province, it is best to buy nearby, and it is time-consuming and maintenance-free!

Two: The most important thing about the electromagnetic chuck is to look at the parameters it has. The most important one is the weight and the working level of the electromagnetic chuck. The so-called electromagnetic chuck lifting weight refers to the maximum weight of the lifting weight allowed under the specified working conditions, or in other words, the rated lifting weight. Generally, the crane with an electromagnetic chuck should also include the weight of the electromagnetic chuck.

Three: See if the classification and level are strictly divided.

Four: See if you can provide repair services. (Many companies do not have real production capacity, but instead transfer goods from other agents, eventually resulting in inadequate maintenance services)

Precautions for use

1. The electromagnetic chuck should be wiped clean before use to avoid scratching.

2. Do not make a serious bump so as not to affect the accuracy.

3. Wipe clean after use and apply anti-rust oil to prevent corrosion.

4. When using the electromagnetic chuck separately, there should be a grounding wire to avoid leakage and injury.


Suction cup suction

The electric control powerful suction cup has super strong holding force, up to 16kg/cm?, the magnetic distribution is uniform and adjustable, and it can be applied to all kinds of powerful machining, roughing and finishing; the ordinary strong suction cup has weak suction and uneven distribution. Can not withstand the requirements of strong machining operations.


The electric control strong suction cup holding force does not need to be maintained by connecting the power supply, no heat is generated in the continuous operation, and the workpiece is subject to heat deformation. At the same time, the strong and uniform disk suction ensures the highest machining accuracy even if the workpiece exceeds the table surface; and the ordinary electromagnetic suction cup magnetic force A continuous supply of current is required, and heat is generated for a certain period of time. Not only is the workpiece deformed by heat, but also the magnetic force of the suction cup is lowered, and the machining accuracy cannot be guaranteed.


Converse electric control powerful suction cup can be used continuously. Even if it works continuously for more than 20 hours every day, there will be no malfunction and no maintenance. If the ordinary suction cup permanent magnet is used for about half a year, the suction will drop. The use of electromagnetic chucks can only work for several hours a day, and the equipment is prone to work, requiring frequent replacement and maintenance of internal components.

Work efficiency

Ordinary powerful suction cups require a large amount of workpiece adjustment time, which can account for 40%-50% of the whole processing process, and the clamping position is prone to obvious error, high scrap rate and low efficiency; electronically controlled powerful suction cup has automatic auxiliary positioning Function, simply press a button, 0.3 seconds to complete the clamping or release of the workpiece, which can greatly improve production efficiency.