What is the rate of utilization, in fact, every device developer we need to consider

- Mar 29, 2019-

What is the rate of utilization?

The rate of utilization refers to the proportion of time that equipment takes up in order to create value. It refers to the ratio of the number of possible productions of a machine to the actual production.

Six losses and OEE

OEE composition

The composition of OEE consists of three major indicators: time utilization rate (availability rate), performance utilization rate (performance index), yield rate (quality index).

OEE=time utilization rate x performance utilization rate x yield rate

(OEE=Availability* Performance Index*Quality Index)

Time utilization rate = load time - down time / load time

Performance rate = theoretical beat time * input quantity / production time

Yield = input quantity - bad quantity / input quantity

Concept description:

Scheduled work time = up, off work time minus meal time

Actual work time = planned work time - early stop time (or + delay time)

Load time = Actual work time - Planned stop time Plan stop time includes morning and evening regular meeting, rest time, start-up inspection, safety inspection, self-preservation, system development, trial operation, planned stop time, etc.

Movement time = load time - stop line time stop time: tool replacement, adjustment, fault stop, up and down waiting, quality maintenance, confirmation, workpiece defect, operation error, operation slow stop, etc.

Net moving time = production time - (actual beat - theoretical beat) x output

Beat: The time interval required to produce a unit of product

Theoretical (planning) beat: based on the parameters set by the design department, or based on the matching of demand and personnel, determine the time required to produce a single product. When formulating a production plan, use it as a basis for the standard to determine the production The number of theories.

Actual beat: The average time of actual crop movement due to the operating environment and constraints.

Speed rate = theoretical beat / actual beat * 100%

Net profit rate = speed rate × pure crop rate = theoretical beat × production quantity / production time * 100%

Time rate = load time - stop time / load time * 100%

Yield = Input Quantity - Bad Quantity / Input Quantity * 100% = Number of Good Products / Number of Inputs * 100%