What material should be used to design the foam gripper?

- Aug 08, 2019-

Today, I will talk about what materials should be used to design foam gripper. As we all know, foam grippers have been widely valued by the industry.

   Foam grippers are widely used in vacuum gripping applications, such as robot palletizing, demolition; material handling; marble, ceramic tile, ceramic products, building materials, packaging bags, stone, wood, carton, metal sheet... almost large Most areas where vacuum gripping can be applied can be grabbed in this way.

    Sponge suction cups have high toughness and tear resistance. Generally used for vacuum gripping sponges, there are generally black sponge rubber sheets, orange rubber sheets and blue rubber sheets on the market.

    How to use the correct material is the key to realize vacuum grabbing. Regardless of the application of the material, the design of the suction cup itself should be considered first. The opening size of the suction cup (such as 10mm12mm15mm round hole or elliptical hole) determines the suction. The theoretical suction of the plate, and the flow rate selection of the vacuum generator and the vacuum pump or the vacuum fan needs to be determined according to the pore size and the leak rate of the sponge suction cup;

    After determining the size of the opening of the sponge hole and using the vacuum flow rate and the degree of vacuum, the suction force of the entire sponge suction cup can be easily calculated;

    Most irregular and uneven surface grips often need to take into account the high compensation of the sponge and the self-closing valve device built into the sponge suction cup (most sponge suction cups need to be equipped with a self-closing valve device to adapt to different sizes of products) Grab, this is because some suction cups that are not in contact with the material will leak, breaking the vacuum);

    After solving the problem of the opening and vacuum flow of the sponge suction cup, we can correctly build a suitable sponge vacuum suction cup system;

    Most applications where sponge suction cups are used are relatively heavy work situations. The wear and replacement of sponge sheets is a difficult problem. Generally, black sponge sheets are used as sealing materials for carton grabbing, plastic parts, and wood board grabbing. In this case, the material is soft and it is not easy to cause destructive tearing on the sponge rubber sheet. However, if it is brick and stone, the surface of the product is rough and rough, and the friction is large. The special sponge rubber of orange and blue is used. More suitable, because the wear resistance and service life of the product is an inevitable factor in the cost of the entire suction cup.

    The application of materials is critical. It is wise to use sponge rubber sheets of different hardness for different hardness materials. The softer materials can be made of black sponge rubber sheets. The rough surface products should be made of special orange materials to enhance their wear resistance. characteristic.

    In short, the choice of a sponge suction cup as a vacuum clamp requires starting from the design and construction of the suction cup, from the opening of the sponge hole and whether it has a self-closing valve, and the configuration of a vacuum pump or a vacuum fan to select a suitable sponge material. Better design of the suction cups. When considering the use of sponge suction cups, choosing a different solution is the key to solving the customer's final problem. Not all problems can be solved by using the same configuration and materials. We have quite a lot of Experience to help customers solve a variety of problems;

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