3C Industry Is The Point Of Explosion Of Robots In Industrial Scenes

- Mar 06, 2019-

With the advent of face recognition, voice recognition, AI and 5G technology, computers, mobile phones, audio equipment and other equipment will be redefined, 3C industry will usher in a new round of explosion, and the urgency of 3C industry robot substitution is significantly improved. Industrial handling robots in the 3C industry are about to usher in a new round of outbreaks.

    Machine substitution is not a slogan, but the relationship between the company's life and death. With the gradual disappearance of the demographic dividend, the rising labor wages pose a greater pressure on the cost side of 3C manufacturing companies. In addition, according to the prediction of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the labor force in China will reduce by 7.9 million annually after 2020. As a typical labor-intensive enterprise, the 3C industry has a serious rise in labor costs and a rapid decline in the labor force. This poses a serious threat to the survival of enterprises. Before and after 2020, enterprises that have not achieved automated transformation are likely to be reshuffled. The company that perceived the danger has begun to vigorously promote the transformation of automation. Foxconn Guo Taiming shouted the slogan of replacing 80% of the workers in five years.

    The most important part of industrial production is logistics. 3C puts forward new demands for logistics: mass customization, shortened production cycle for flexible, matrix production, logistics requires rapid response capability; in order to reduce risks, production line dismantling More subdivided, the frequency of logistics rises, requiring higher efficiency; can be docked with the MES system, accurately map production information into production operations, and accurately control the supply chain and production tempo.

    The natural navigation AGV with laser vision navigation as the core provides a new solution for the 3C industry. The natural navigation AGV speed is 3 to 4 times that of the traditional magnetic strip AGV, which can meet the rising demand of logistics frequency; the failure of a single AGV, the change of production line, does not affect the operation of the AGV system, shortens the frequency of downtime and improves the efficiency; docking with the MES system, Precise control of material supply and production tempo. Taking the Stein robots focusing on the 3C industry as an example, a number of industry leaders such as Huawei, ZTE, and Foxconn have begun to vigorously promote on-site logistics solutions based on natural navigation technology within the factory, and have already achieved scale-based applications. The scale of these companies has also released a signal that the industrial handling robots in the 3C industry are about to usher in a new round of outbreaks.

    The field of robots based on laser vision SLAM independent planning is divided into two areas of service and industry. The field of service robots has gradually disappeared from the earliest sweeping robots to the various forms of home service robots. This direction is more familiar.

    However, in the industrial field where the market exposure is not high, there are a number of start-ups that focus on providing high-end industrial on-site logistics. They are doing things to transform industrial logistics. Compared with service robots, the industrial field performs precision and stability on mobile robots. Sexual requirements are higher than more than one grade. Experienced by the long and demanding trial process of industrial customers, it is the touchstone for evaluating the pros and cons of technology products. Companies that have crossed this step will create real barriers. In the case of market perception lag, in general, the day when everyone heard the wind, the industry has really exploded.