Artificial Intelligence Technology, Do You Know Which Ones?

- Oct 04, 2019-

Intelligent monitoring. Pedestrian vehicle detection technology can accurately and quickly find all pedestrian vehicle positions in the scene in video surveillance, assisted driving, etc. By analyzing the human body structure, it can accurately identify the gender, age, posture and other physiology of the characters in the video. Characteristics, identify pedestrian attributes; estimate the number and density of people in high-density public places, such as subways and plazas, and detect abnormalities such as excessive crowds, abnormal accumulation, detention, retrograde, chaos, etc., to achieve major activities and important areas. Flow statistics and control, and provide real-time alarm function.

Text recognition. The bill class provides identification of the unrestricted type of consumer bills and automatically organizes the structure according to the location; the card type automatically extracts the text information in the card image in various shooting environments; in strong light, large side angles, Under the condition of fuzzy equipolar difficulty, the key information of the license plate is accurately identified.

Face technology. Monitor video with complex background, low-quality pictures or 100 people, realize millisecond-level face detection on mobile devices and personal computers; face key point positioning implements micro-second level eyes, mouth, nose contour and other faces 106 Key point positioning; through a given face sample, a large-scale face database or surveillance video is retrieved in milliseconds, and identity authentication is given. When 96% of the faces are authenticated, the false detection rate is less than one in 100,000; Accurately identify more than 10 types of face attributes, such as gender, age, race, jewelry, facial action status, etc., for ad positioning or customer information analysis, you can better understand customer psychology; will face hundreds of thousands of people Fast clustering, which can be used for face-based smart photo albums and group-based social network analysis; real-life detection is to detect whether the user before the camera is a real person operation, with face identity authentication, providing a serious application scenario for financial security requirements. Real-life authentication, can effectively distinguish high-definition photos, PS, 3D models, face-changing and other counterfeiting fraud; portrait beauty makeup based on intelligent face detection and positioning Technology, to create a mobile beauty beauty effect solution.