Flexible Robots Are In High Demand For OLED Production Market

- Mar 07, 2019-

Undoubtedly, the demand and production volume of smart phones and smart wearable devices are very large, resulting in heavy labor intensity, which has created the need for robotic intelligent equipment to replace labor. In addition, employees must work in a clean room environment. The comfort level is not high, so the display module industry is currently facing the pain points of high-paying people but can't keep people. The time has come for robotic intelligent equipment to replace manual work.

In the OLED display module, where is the demand for robotic intelligent equipment? This needs to be viewed from two aspects. From the technical point of view, COG, COF, FOG, flexible full-fit, laser precision cutting, etc. have great demand. From the aspect of testing, Demura, Auto Gama and other AOI automatic testing equipment There is also a growing demand.

Due to the process complexity of the new OLED/TFT display module, high precision, difficulty, and new technology, it is necessary to develop various special equipment and process technologies to obtain customer recognition.

In the OLED display module, a large number of flexible coil materials are also required for precision inspection, FPC intelligent loading and unloading robots and flexible profiled glue assembly robots, etc., and Chinese enterprises have developed and adopted robotic intelligent equipment for these three aspects of the process. In addition, the OLED display also needs a lot of flexible circuit boards, and requires an online FPC intelligent detection robot. It is worth noting that the flexible robot intelligent equipment has a large demand market and opportunities in the new display OLED.

Under the premise of the state's strong advocacy of China's Zhizhi 2025, Chinese enterprises use flexible robotic intelligent equipment to transform existing production technologies, laying a solid foundation for the development of OLED flexible display module industry, and realizing the company's own "machine substitution". At the same time of intelligentization and automation, it has the opportunity to bring the mature OLED display module flexible robot intelligent equipment to the market and promote the development and improvement of the entire new display industry.