In The Future, The Scope Of Use Of Robots Will Continue To Expand.

- Oct 21, 2019-

Although we often refer to industrial robots in our daily work, people still have a little understanding of industrial robots. Industrial robots are indispensable equipment in the manufacturing field. Industrial robots are high-tech products, so its technical expertise is very strong, so what is industrial robots?

The robot is a multi-joint robot used in the industrial field or a multi-degree-of-freedom machine device, which can perform work automatically, and is a machine that realizes various functions by relying on its own power and control ability. Robots can not only accept human command, but also operate according to previously edited programs. Modern industrial robots can also work according to the requirements set by artificial intelligence technology.

The evaluation criteria of industrial robots are: intelligence, here refers to feeling and perception, including memory, operation, identification, judgment, decision-making and logical reasoning; function, refers to flexibility, versatility and space possession Sex, etc.; physical energy refers to force, speed, continuous operation ability, joint use and so on.

There are more and more robot applications in the world today. After years of development, industrial robots have been used in various fields. Especially in the automotive industry, industrial robots have been widely used. As industrial robots develop in a deeper and broader direction and the level of robot intelligence increases, the scope of use of robots will continue to expand.