Looking At Future Trends From 2018 Global Artificial Intelligence Data

- Mar 07, 2019-

As the core driving force of the new round of industrial transformation, artificial intelligence is releasing the huge energy of previous scientific and technological revolutions and industrial reforms, and continuously explores a new generation of artificial intelligence application scenarios, which will reconstruct various economic activities such as production, distribution, exchange and consumption. , spawn new technologies, new products, new industries.

In the past 2018, artificial intelligence has entered a period of rapid growth from basic research, technology to industry. According to the statistics of the Chinese Institute of Electronics: In the whole year of 2018, the global artificial intelligence core industry market scale exceeded 55.57 billion US dollars, an increase of 50.2% compared with 2017. The data shows that the development of global artificial intelligence is a three-pronged trend, mainly concentrated in the United States, Europe, and China.

Silicon Valley in the United States is the key area for the development of the artificial intelligence base layer and technology layer industry today. It has gathered 2,905 artificial intelligence enterprises, forming group-based development with representatives such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon. At the same time, the number of artificial intelligence enterprises, the scale of investment and financing, The number of patents is leading the world.

The total number of enterprises in China's artificial intelligence industry has reached 670, accounting for 11.2% of the world. It ranks first in the world in terms of the total number of papers and the number of papers cited, and has become the country with the largest number of artificial intelligence patents in the world. In the field of artificial intelligence, investment and financing accounted for 60% of the world, becoming the world's most “golden” country. Investment and financing are mainly concentrated in the technology and application layers, and the world's largest total financing and highest valuation artificial intelligence unicorn enterprise .

The total number of European artificial intelligence companies is 657, accounting for 10.88% of the world. Europe has helped a number of artificial intelligence start-ups through a large number of technology incubators, and the high-tech industry has a high conversion rate, and a large number of excellent artificial intelligence start-ups have been born.

It is worth noting that India has become a rising star in the field of artificial intelligence. At present, more than 500 Indian companies have deployed artificial intelligence, which is used in five applications: healthcare, agriculture, education, smart cities and urban transportation.

The R&D ratio of the base layer smart chips in the global market scale is still the highest, about $5.56 billion. In addition, the algorithm model and the smart sensor volume are equivalent; in terms of technology layer, speech recognition occupies more than two-thirds of the overall size of the technology layer, reaching 11.89 billion US dollars, followed by image and video identification; the application layer market size is more evenly distributed. The smart education and smart security market scales were US$4.36 billion and US$4.34 billion, respectively, both of which were around 16%. The scale of development of other industries continued to grow steadily.

The author believes that focusing on the short-term growth point within three years, the basic layer benefits from the increasingly obvious trend of the Internet of Everything and the accelerated construction of the open source ecosystem. The smart sensor and algorithm model industry will grow rapidly; in the technology layer, with the accuracy of interaction The promotion and intelligent layout of the edge, speech recognition and computer visualization ushered in a good market opportunity; in the application layer, the diversification of application scenarios has expanded into a new growth point for the intelligent robot industry, and the global focus on public safety governance promotes the smart security industry. The rapid rise, vertical industry applications continue to inspire smart content recommendations have spawned a huge amount of customization needs.

Focusing on the medium-term growth point within 5 years, the smart chip with reconfigurable capability at the basic layer is the basic hardware facility of the new-generation artificial intelligence industry. From the upgrade of the architecture to the application scenario, there is huge market space; Due to the growing popularity of interactive intelligent services, natural language processing continues to move toward knowledge-driven; intelligent medical care in the application layer is increasingly urgent as the industry upgrades, and gradually explores high-efficiency, high-quality applications, ushered in good market opportunities.

Focusing on the long-term growth point within 10 years, the author believes that the technical direction is still being planned, the market demand has not yet fully manifested, the user still needs to guide and stimulate the direction, the typical enterprise with strong R&D strength and the strong frontier. The scientific research institutions have been laid out, but they are still basically in the laboratory stage, and the capital market has certain concerns. Because there is no suitable way for commercial application, because of the technology-driven, smart driving will present the development trend of “cloud car interconnection”, intelligent finance will benefit from the support of industry data, and the whole chain service is expected to rise. Intelligent education will gradually realize the whole life cycle. Customized, generalized.