Plastic Compounding Market to achieve extensive growth by 2024

- Mar 27, 2018-

Plastic Compounding Market Size will surpass USD 50 billion by 2024. Plastics have been the omnipresent workhorse material of the modern economy for their unmatched functional properties and the lower costs. Modernization of plastic industry will hold strong potential for plastic compounding market in the near future. Plastic compounders have been identified as crucial contributors to the industry, for their key material knowledge of plastic resins and their suitability for compounding.

Medical device designers have been shifting away from metal and towards plastic as their material of choice particularly for 3D printing applications. These include: prosthetic body parts, orthopedic devices, casing of an open MRI machines etc. Global plastic compounding market will witness substantial gains in 3D printing applications across various consumer goods, automotive and medical segments.

Plastic Compounding Market by End-user
- Consumer Goods
- Electrical & Electronics
- Construction
- Automotive
- Aerospace
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