The Number Of 5G Terminal Devices In The World Has Grown Rapidly, And 129 Models Have Been Released.

- Sep 24, 2019-


Beijing time on September 24th news, GSA recently released "September 5G Terminal Report of 2019" shows that the number of 5G terminal equipment in the world has grown rapidly in the first eight months of this year. As of September 10, 2019, there are 129 models worldwide. The 5G terminal device was released.

According to the report, 56 vendors have launched or are about to launch 5G terminal devices, including separate sub-brands. In the GSA "August 20G Ecosystem Report August 2019", the number of 5G terminal devices announced worldwide has reached 100. After a month, this number has increased to 129.

Specifically, the 129 terminal devices include 41 mobile phones (including different regional versions), of which at least 16 are available now, and three can support 5G mobile phones by using adapters;

9 hotspot devices, at least 5 of which are now on sale;

28 CPE equipment, 8 of which are already on the market;

28 modules;

4 routers;

3 robots;

3 TV sets;

2 USB terminals / dongle;

2 snap-on dongle/adapters;

2 IoT routers;

2 drones;

2 head-mounted display devices;

1 laptop;

1 switch;

1 vending machine.