The Top 5 Technology Key Technologies For The Development Of 2019 Robots

- Mar 07, 2019-

With the continuous advancement of the automation industry, the robot industry has also entered a golden period of development. In 2018, the various technologies of the robot industry have shown great value and results in various fields of application. With the in-depth integration of related technologies in various industries, the industry has also developed a deeper demand for the technology of the robotics industry. Many people in the industry believe that 2019 will be a key year for robot development. What technologies are worth looking forward to?

1, raw muscle electrical control technology

The robots in our consciousness can be the same as real human beings. Not only can we say that we have more autonomy, but we also have blood and flesh and wisdom. The high degree of intelligence in thinking will be a long-term and arduous process. Relatively speaking, it is more realistic to capture. In fact, in 2018, a robotic arm with muscles controlled by myogenic electricity has been developed. The evolution of the technology and its ability to enter commercial applications will be announced in 2019.

2. Emotion recognition technology

Emotion is the biggest difference between humans and robots, so emotional recognition technology belongs to the higher technology of the industry. After mastering this technology, the anthropomorphic level of the robot can be greatly improved. At present, we are still in the primary facial expression recognition technology. Although it is junior, this technology has a vital role in better communication with humans, judging human needs and integrating into daily life, so the prospects are promising.

3, robot flexibility technology

After several years of development, flexible robots have accumulated enough potential, and its role in the field of automobile production is widely recognized. With the explosion of cooperative robots, medical robots, rescue robots and other markets in 2019, robotic flexible technology will have enough The space realizes its own value. This is worth paying attention to!

4, liquid metal control technology

Liquid robots are the high ground for both domestic and foreign labor. At present, the application of this technology focuses on the casting of liquid metal. With the further integration of the medical industry and the robot industry, the success of liquid robots will be more applied to the medical industry, and the key point depends on whether the liquid robot industry can achieve breakthrough results in research and development, so whether it can be 2019 It is worth looking forward to achieving development.

5, virtual reality technology

The earliest virtual VR technology can bring us the pleasure of audition entertainment. As the technology matures, more and more will be applied to the control of robots to realize remote control of robots. This will be a lively and interesting change.