Welding Robots - Universal Application In The Manufacturing Industry

- Mar 07, 2019-

Welding robots can replace humans in dangerous and harmful environments, and at the same time bring another potential danger, that is, robotic injuries. For this reason, when the welding robot is running online, no one can enter the area where its motion safety range is located, and there should be no interference in the motion area. This is the most important principle for the safety management of welding robots. In addition, in addition to the general industrial safety regulations, it is also necessary to pay attention to the particularity of the welding robot and take corresponding and reliable countermeasures.

1, common security measures

a. Install a safety fence for the welding robot and its peripheral equipment to prevent accidental injury from entering a dangerous area.

b. Set the plug-in electric contact switch on the safety door at the entrance of the safety guardrail. The switch is connected with the safety return circuit of the welding robot. Once the safety door is opened, the robot controller will cut off the driving power of the robot and the robot will stop moving immediately.

c. Install multiple emergency stop switches at the nearest location to the welding robot. Once an emergency or dangerous situation occurs, the worker can press the emergency stop to stop the robot.

d. Reduce the speed of the welding robot during teaching operations, and teach by personnel trained in professional technical operations.

e. The welding robot safety circuit is integrated with the production line safety circuit. When the production line encounters an emergency, the production worker can press the emergency stop switch of any station on the line to stop the robot.

2, welding robot control device

Although the welding robot itself has a very complete control system, each welding robot as a separate automation equipment system is always a subordinate workstation in a production line or a production system, and must have corresponding external control devices. Remote control to meet the synchronized and orderly production requirements of various automation equipment on the automated production line.

Related control devices commonly used in welding robots include programmable controllers and online monitoring devices.

The programmable controller coordinates and cooperates with various automation equipment including the welding robot on the production line to realize the automation of the production process in an orderly manner.

The online monitoring device is a human-machine interface between the operator and the production system. It collects real-time data from the production system and can conditionally modify the production data in real time, thus real-time monitoring of the production line scene and remote real-time control of the production line operation. the goal of. The online monitoring device makes it easy to issue work orders, start or stop all automation equipment including welding robots, and know the status of the production system in real time.