Where Does Artificial Intelligence Strike Sports?

- Oct 24, 2019-

Sports change the lives of people, and artificial intelligence is changing the future of sports. A few days ago, the first robotic coach appeared in the international basketball team, who will "direct" the team in the coaching staff. Nowadays, the combination of artificial intelligence and sports is getting closer and closer, and this has also raised concerns about whether artificial intelligence will destroy sports that are suspenseful and endless.

The robot coach does some work to figure out the best lineup combination.

According to reports, a professional basketball team in Russia recently signed a contract with a company engaged in the development of artificial intelligence robots. The company will provide a robotic coach to the team, mainly responsible for data collection and analysis during the game. In all the home games of the team, the robot coach will appear on the side of the coach, to calculate the best combination of players on the field and the corresponding tactical arrangements.

In the field of sports, artificial intelligence is not uncommon. In March 2016, Li Shishi, the world champion of Go, and the "human-machine war" of artificial intelligence "Alpha Dog" caused worldwide attention, and the result of the competition gave the outside world a new understanding of artificial intelligence. Since then, artificial intelligence and Go have started "intimate contact". The top players at home and abroad are improving their strength through research on artificial intelligence. A domestic chess artificial intelligence "excellent art" has even become the daily training and rehabilitation of the Chinese National Go team. Disk tool. Chess Saint Nie Weiping said that artificial intelligence is sent by God to guide humans.

Whether the FIBA is banned

Not only the Go project, but also the application of artificial intelligence in other sports in recent years. Last year's World Cup in Russia was not only a showdown between the top stars on the planet, but also a "battlefield" of artificial intelligence. Many artificial intelligence applications appeared for the first time. The VR technology live broadcast, the game ball with smart chips, smart sneakers, video assistant referee and artificial intelligence video clips, the fans felt a different World Cup.

Li Kaifu once said that 90% of practitioners in translation, journalists, drivers and other professions will be replaced by robots. The biggest difference between the "coach" signed by the Russian basketball team and the past is that it will appear on the team's coaching staff. Is the robot sitting on the coach seat in compliance with the regulations? Zhou Jiangan, an international basketball referee and technical representative of the International Basketball Association of our province, said in an interview with this reporter: "There is no relevant rules for FIBA. I think that as long as the robot does not affect the normal order of the game, it should not be prohibited. Of course. If there are robot coaches in many teams in the future, FIBA will definitely consider formulating corresponding terms in the rules."

Widespread application of artificial intelligence, many people are worried

The wide application of artificial intelligence is positive for the sports team and athletes, but it also makes many people worry that the charm of sports will gradually be lost. The spirit of the Olympics is "faster, higher, stronger", which is intended to encourage athletes to make continuous progress and constantly break through themselves, but the emergence of artificial intelligence may make sports become "off-market competitions". In the 1990s, "shark skin" swimwear filled with "black technology" came out, and many world records were created during that time. In this regard, FINA officially banned athletes from wearing "shark skin" in 2010. FINA believes that "this swimsuit makes the competition on the court no longer pure, and there is no fairness in sports competition."

Many people are also worried that artificial intelligence will make sports games too stylized and become boring, lacking the original fun. Shi Jin, a professor at Xi'an Institute of Physical Education, said: "The scale and boundaries of artificial intelligence technology must be clear. Sports competition is ultimately a competition between people. Technology can only be an auxiliary means and must not become the master of sports."