Ball Gripper

Ball Gripper

Quick Details Type: Cylinder Place of Origin:Guangzhou , China (Mainland) Brand Name: landsky Action: Double acting Repeatability: ±0.1MM Max. operating frequency (c.p.m.): 60 120 Lubrication: Not required Opening/Closing stroke (Both sides) (mm): 4*4*6*8*8*12*16 Ambient and fluid temperature...

Product Details

Introduction and Application:

Compressed air intake with M5 threads

Suitable for a variety of products, especially for abnormal rough surfaces

Strong adsorption capacity, safe and pollution-free



It consists of alumina main body, silica gel film, air pressure regulating valve, etc.

Silica gel film is easy to deform and absorb.

Small size, easy to install

Technical Parameter

Item No.Max. Vacuum (kpa)Maximum suction capacity(1/min)Air consumption(l/min)Working pressure(Bar)Working temperature(℃)Weight(g)
MGS 20876.6150.350-50180

Design Parameter


Item No.LHH1G1G2D1
MGS 20447039M5M5M4